Shanghai  GreRoyalt

William Cao 

Chief Partner; LLB of Shanghai Donghua University, LL.M of East China University of Political Science and Law.


William has worked as chief executive for the Department of Intellectual Property in Unilever (China) Co., Ltd and Royal Philips Electronics. He established Shanghai Greroyalt& Co., and Shanghai Greroyalt Law Firm in 2000.

William has extensive practical experience and international vision in intellectual property area, especially skilled in intellectual property protection strategy, risk management of intellectual property, intellectual property evaluation, investigation and acquisition for IPO, government relations. Many cases handled by William have been included in the case base of the Supreme People’s Court of China. 

Richard Ren 

Head; LL.B of Shandong University

Richard has engaged in legal practice for over ten years. His areas of practice are trademark infringement, unfair-competition and contract dispute. Richard has provided service to Gucci and Puma in handling trademark infringement litigation, enterprise name dispute and domain name dispute. Richard is experienced in dealing with intellectual property cases. Many of his cases are included in the case base of the Higher People’s Court of Zhejiang Province, Henan Province and Shanghai.​​​​​​​

Michelle Xu

Partner; LL.M of Fudan University;


Main area of practice: non-litigation and litigation trademark cases, customs protection, administrative litigation, malicious litigation of consumers, etc. Michelle Xu has years of experience as an intellectual property consultant, specialized in import and export IP disputes, domain name arbitration and unfair-competition case. She assisted European company in conducting due diligence, drafting and examining contracts in China. Her cases were elected as “2013-2014 Top 10 Cases” by China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (CAEFI). She is awarded excellent legal supplier by her clients for three successive years.

Justin Pan 

Partner; Master of Law;


Area of practice: unfair-competition, enterprise name disputes, corporation business, administrative review, litigation cases.

Justin Pan has over ten years’ working experience in administrative organs, gathered rich experience in trademark dispute, unfair-competition dispute, enterprise name dispute administrative dispute. He has provided legal service to many world-renowned companies, such as Bottega Veneta, Osram and Commscope.

Jacky Xu 

Partner, Attorney at Law; LL.B of Shanghai University;

Main Practice AreaContract Law, IP Law,Corporte law, Litigation and Arbitration

Jacky Xu has almost ten years working experiences foreign-related litigation and arbitration.  His main areas of practice are contract law, real estate law, business law, intellectual property law.

Jacky Xu has considerable experience advising and representing corporate and individual clients, has helped many entrepreneurs from other countries grows their businesses in China.  He assists his business clients, large and small, in all areas including formation of the business entity, contractual relations with third parties, protection and preservation of the business assets, intellectual property protection, anti-unfair competition, resolution of business disputes including litigation and arbitration, and advertising compliance.