Shanghai  GreRoyalt

Shanghai Greroyalt Law Firm was established in 2000, a boutique law firm specializing in intellectual property business. Greroyalt commits to providing one-stop legal services related to the management, marketization and protection of intellectual property. Greroyalt also has rich and successful experience in areas of contract dispute and arbitration, import and export trading, administrative review and litigation, corporate annual legal counsel, compliance service and malicious Litigation of Consumers.

Holding the belief that “Wisdom and Integrity Everywhere”, we will work with perseverance, devoting to serving our clients and keep our clients’ interest in priority. By wisdom and professionalism, we offer effective solutions to legal problems, and assist our clients in achieving their commercial advantage.

Greroyalt is equipped with a highly specialized team, especially experienced in foreign-related areas. The majority of practitioners have at least a M.A degree or overseas education background. The partners and backbones team is composed of senior legal manager of top 500 enterprises, college professor, leader of administrative department, some of them worked in the world well-known law firm. For decades of years, we have accumulated wide social relationship and consultant such as retired judges. In order to guarantee high-efficiency teamwork, we adopt the mode of company management. Greroyalt also has a solid cooperation with top 500 enterprises, such as GUCCI, PUMA, BOSCH, LVMH, PHILIPS, UNILEVER etc.                                                    

The cases we undertook were selected to be Top 10 by Quality Brands Protection Committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment, and were selected as typical cases by High Court and Supreme People’s Court.

We will take it as our own duty to provide top quality service and assist our clients in making success in their business as well as achieving our value!

17+ Years of History
37+ Global Companies
27+ Consultants