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Shanghai Greroyalt﹒L&W Intellectual Property Strategic Alliance
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Dear Sir/Madame,


We are pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Shanghai L&W Intellectual Property Law Office,effective from 5th March, 2018.

Shanghai L&WIntellectual Property Law Office (Administrative Registered Number: 31224)has over 15 years engaged in patent prosecution both domestically and aboard,as well as is one of the biggest foreign-related patent agencies in Shanghai. The services provided by L&W IP includes patent filing, patent portfolios, prosecution, counseling and opinions on patent infringement and invalidity, DDinvestigating potential patentability of inventions.Its staff have a diverse range of technical backgrounds and rich experience in the fields of biochemistry, biomedical engineering, computer science, electronics, mechanical engineering and medical devices.

Shanghai Greroyalt Law Firm as a prominent law firm specializing in intellectual property legal matters, is dedicated to providing both domestic and foreign clients with the highest quality service and to serve as their trusted legal advisors.The firm also has rich and successful experience in areas of contract dispute and arbitration, import and export trading, administrative review and litigation, corporate annual legal counsel, compliance service and counter Litigation of malicious Consumers. With long-time accumulated reputation, now our firm has established a solid cooperation with many World Top 500 enterprises, such as GUCCI, PUMA, BOSCH, LVMH, PHILIPS, UNILEVER, etc.

With this alliance, many experienced patentattorneys and legal professionals will cooperatively work together for our clients, which will not only solidify our already strong capability in legal analysis and consulting,civil and commercial litigation,business support and advisory service, IPenforcement,but also bring together the strengths of patent filing and prosecution, create a strong teamwhich offers our new and existing clients an integrated-service platform with sector-specific expertise and meets the needs of both leading and innovative businesses as well as institutions, associations, companies and individuals in areas related to intellectual property law.

We both always strive to be a reliable defender in the IP ecosystem with consistent focus on creating sustainable environments for future innovation and creativity. And with support and trust of clients,the continued growth of our firm will demonstrate our constant commitment to excellent service, professionalism in IP field and capacity to assist you to achieve success in China.