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China's top 10 copyright events in 2016
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  Since 2009, the National Copyright Administration of China has drawn up an annual list of the 10most important events and facts that influence the nation's copyright business. The most recent2016 list includes:
   Jianwang Operation 2016
 Launched in July 2016 by many government departments, the operation targeted online copyrightinfringement. Enforcement nationwide investigated 514 administrative cases and shut down 391illegal websites.
   Gdp Contribution
   Copyright-related industries generated 4.6 trillion yuan ($667 billion) in output value in 2014,accounting for 7.28 percent of China's GDP, a 0.01 percentage point higher than the previousyear, according to a report unveiled in April 2016 by the Chinese Academy of Press andPublication.
   Judicial Protection
  The central government issued guidelines in November to support stronger punishments forintellectual property rights violations. Courts across the nation increased the compensation forinfringement of intellectual property rights.
   Promotion Of Beijing Treaty
  Fifteen countries had approved or joined the Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances by theend of 2016. A high-level IP conference held in Beijing in July called for promotion of the treaty,which was concluded in 2012.
   Record High Registrations
   The number of nationwide copyright registrations surpassed the 2 million benchmark for the firsttime in 2016, up 22.3 percent from 2015. The number included 400,000 software registrations.
   National Top Awards
  The National Copyright Administration of China and the World Intellectual Property Organizationannounced the first WIPO-NCAC Copyright Awards in December 2016. The biennial award isthe only international award and the highest accolade in the copyright sector in China.
   Dehua Experience
  The National Copyright Administration of China held an exhibition in November 2016 in Genevato introduce how the copyright of the Dehua ceramics in Fujian province is well protected. WIPOchose the county as an example to study the impact of copyright on a primary regional industry in2010.
   Independent Associations
   Five copyright associations are no longer part of the government agency, according to a nationalpilot plan in June 2016. They aim to serve the right owners in a more professional way.
   Self-Discipline Of Companies
   A number of leading internet service providers, including Baidu and Qihoo 360, initiated theremoval of pirated content from their platforms.
   Research Base
   The National Copyright Administration of China approved domestic IT giant Tencent establishingChina's first research center for the online copyright industry in October 2016. The center'sresearch subjects include international online copyright business trends and strategies.